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How To Clean and Care For Wool Rugs:
Wool area rugs are recognized for their quality and beauty, as well as exceptional durability.Modern and contemporary rugs made of wool are sure to complete any room in a house, and to preserve this beauty and durability a little annual cleaning may be needed. here to read full article
All About Hand-Tufted Wool Rugs:
Hand-tufted wool rugs use superior quality wool to mimic the high quality and durability of a hand-knotted rug - but without the time consuming task of tying knots in the wool.This allows hand-tufted rugs to be created in a much shorter time frame, which in turn brings down the cost.…….click here to read full article
Are Wool Rugs Worth The Money?:

Wool is not just great for sweaters and scarves, but high quality area rugs as well.A great rug can be a fantastic investment for your home or office, and its beauty can really tie a room together.High fashion and durability make wool rugs an instant winner. here to read full article

Why New Zealand Wool Rugs Are So Desirable:
Wool is a textile that is biodegradable and renewable, being that sheep just need time to grow a new supply, making New Zealand wool rugs an environmentally friendly choice for your home decor. New Zealand wool is most well known as the whitest and purest wool in the world. here to read full article  
All About Flokati Rugs:
Flokati rugs originate from ancient Greece, and have come in and out of popular decor.They were very popular and near-celebrity status in the 1960's and 1970's, and have recently come back - and for great reasons! here to read full article

The Dhurrie Area Rug

Dhurrie rugs are a flat, pile-less rug, tightly woven almost like a basket from a cotton or wool.  They have a long history, and generally originate from India.  Wool Dhurrie rugs are most commonly used for casual purposes in design. here to read full article