We know that the rugs in our home are important part of our living space. They make us feel at home and attract us to come back again and again. However, just like in the rest of the world, designer carpets aren’t considered as a luxury item. So, it’s no wonder why they are so inexpensively priced.

However, some people think that designer carpets don’t have their own value. Hence we need to find out what special qualities these carpets have to make them different from normal ones as well as which brands offer good quality products at affordable prices.

We have a wide range of hand-tufted wool pieces from all over the world which can be used as main or accent pieces in your homes.

The traditional rug design has a very distinct balance of simplicity and complexity. The colors and patterns vary widely across the spectrum, but it starts to become repetitive after a while. This is where hand-tufted wool pieces come into play. These are short loops of yarns knitted into the carpet in such a way that they create an overall, abstract pattern.

Hand-tufted wool rug designs incorporate different colors and patterns to create a harmonious color palette, as well as intricate designs in some areas where the aesthetic quality is not consistent with other parts of the flooring. In addition to this, what makes these carpets stand out from their peers is their superior tactile experience – whether it is your feet or your hands that are touching them.

This section contains information about the products that we offer. The company also sells rug sets, rugs and carpets.

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We are proud to offer you a wide range of hand-tufted wool carpets, very good in quality, beautiful to look at and great for all types of rooms. We have the most exclusive collection from the leading designer Sheng’an Design Group and our customer support team is always here to help you with any questions you might have.

Hand-tufted wool pieces, coral rugs, rare and unique rugs like our damask have been in demand for centuries. With us, you can find them all: from the classic to the latest fashion trends. Discover our range of designer collection here.

This section will be about the best online stores that sell hand-tufted wool pieces and coral rugs like our damask. This section is kept separate from other sections because it is a must for any designer who is looking for unique and rare hand-tufted wool pieces or coral rugs that look comparable to those belonging to renowned designers like Mies van der Rohe, Jean Nouvel and Philippe Starck.